Friday, September 14, 2018

Bruno Santos, will you marry me?

What a stunning vision of perfection! The very first time that I set my eyes on this photo of Bruno Santos it took my breath away! I just melted! Some guys are just born with it, but Bruno was really born with it!!! This is the image of the perfect guy that has been in my mind all my life, only now he's a real person! Bruno Santos, will you marry me? Pleeeeeeease!!! :) I'll bring you lemonade and help you lather on your sun tan lotion whenever you want. (Sigh) With my luck he's probably not even gay, but who has time for such trivial details? This photo needs to be added to the dictionary under "stud muffin". Thank you God, for creating this gorgeous, beautiful man, and for letting me see him in that tiny, skimpy bathing suit! Somebody pinch me!

It goes without saying, this blog needs more photos of Bruno Santos so now he has his own page! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A piece of my heart

Here is a poem that I wrote back in the 1990's, during my 20's when I was a young man longing for love...

Friday, September 7, 2018

Astonishing Male Beauty

OMG!!! Can you believe your eyes? This guy is so beautiful!!! Talk about being born with it! It's just amazing to me how beautiful some men are, and this is a perfect example of that, literally perfect! He's flawless! Though I do wonder how much of this photo is real and how much is digitally touched up, but my goodness the end result certainly is breathtaking! That a guy can be so beautiful and stunning to look at leaves me in awe. I especially love his long hair! For me, that puts this photo over the top! With the long hair hanging next to such a cute and handsome face, combined with his strong, muscular body, and that skimpy wet speedo style bathing suit that barley hides his amazing bubble butt, his beauty just leaves me astonished!!! (Sigh!) Life is good! :)

Friday, July 13, 2018

In Memory of Gay Icon Tab Hunter

Singer and actor Tab Hunter became a Hollywood icon during my parent's generation. Although his rise to fame and the height of his career occurred well before my time, I was saddened to hear that he had passed away on Sunday, July 8 2018 at the age of 86.

I know little about Mr. Hunter and his career, and I can't claim to be a fan of his films as the only one I've seen, that I'm aware of anyway, is Grease 2 which is hardly a film one could reasonably measure his talents by. Instead, like many gay men my age, I'm mainly affected by Tab Hunter's sudden passing because of his role as a gay icon, and a very handsome one at that! It's understandable as to why he attracted such a devoted following of girls during the late 1950's, with his blond hair and his sweet smile Tab Hunter's looks were well suited to movie screens, on which he apparently spent a lot of time without a shirt... something that I'm looking forward to investigating further!

Yet quite remarkably, as with many other leading male Hollywood actors, Tab Hunter was forced to live a double life from his childhood in the 30's through to his senior aged adulthood, only recently confirming publicly in 2005 that he was gay.

His fame occurred at a time when society was so intolerant toward homosexuals that most treated the subject as being too taboo to even talk about, and as such for the sake of his career and more importantly for the sake of his safety and well being, it was not only prudent but necessary for Tab Hunter to hide the fact that he was gay. I find it ironic that quite contrary to the so called "controversy" of being gay, Tab Hunter seems to have been quite a gentleman and never did anything that was actually controversial... no excessive drug use or public incidents of drunkenness, no reckless driving, no forced sexual contact, no scandals what so ever! Evidently he was quite a respectable human being which, I think it's fair to say, is rare in Hollywood.

How sad and shameful that society forced a good man like Tab Hunter to live out the majority of his life in secrecy, concealing his true self and his true spirit from the world, just because he was gay. In the least, it's comforting to know that through it all he persevered to find a few steady partners over his lifetime. He also spent the last 35 years with partner and film producer Allan Glaser, who was quoted in the media stating that Tab Hunter's death was "sudden and unexpected".

Above is a YouTube video of Tab Hunter singing his hit song Young Love in 1957. He is sooooo adorable in this video! It's fun to watch as he  keeps breaking out into a big smile, as though he's trying to keep from laughing. Such a sweet young man! It's interesting that the song does not mention any suggestion of whom he is singing to other than a "young love, first love", and as such this can be interpreted as a love song for heterosexual or homosexual couples.

Tab Hunter and Roddy McDowell
Tab Hunter as he appeared at the height of his fame in the late 1950's.

Tab Hunter and Rudolph Nureyev

Tab Hunter... looks good with his shirt on too! :)

A more recent image of Tab Hunter, and his younger self from the late 1950's.

Allan Glaser and Tab Hunter

In Memory of Tab Hunter
1931 - 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hotness Alert! Viewing may cause shortness of breath!

Cellphone selfies... aren't they wonderful!!! :)
The greatest invention of the computer age!
I have no idea who this guy is but I'm glad he felt inclined to post this shirtless photo! Wow! Some guys are just born with it. What a beautiful guy! In addition to having an attractive face his body is just amazing! I love guys who have this type of physique, slim and fit with nice muscular definition. Obviously with a body like his, this guy must feel quite confident in sharing a sexy selfie like this online. What a nice gift to the world! LOL :) Goodness, he even pushed down his pants to show off his lower pelvic area. If his pants were any lower this would be an R rated photo! That's confidence for ya! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Max and Mikey: Art Workshops for Guys into Guys

I have some awesome news for GBT2Q guys, and other guys who are into guys! Starting May 22nd 2018 I will be doing a series of creative art workshops for Max Ottawa until July 31st. Check out the schedule below and contact Max Ottawa to register. Workshops are free for those living in the Ottawa area. So if you're a guy who is into guys and want to broaden your social circle while having some creative fun, please join us. I'm so excited about doing this!!! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Superman goes for a swim

A few years ago I found this stunning image online and am still in awe of how beautiful this guy is! This photo is captivating to me for so many reasons. Not only is this guy extremely handsome, his body is amazing too... slim yet muscular. What a beautiful man! Some guys are just born with it! Of course, the fact that he's all wet and wearing nothing but a skimpy red speedo is especially sexy too. :) And the way that he's holding onto the sides of his bathing suit, as though he wants to yank it down... what a tease! So yes, this is quite an alluring image in my books. I know it's silly of me, but I'm just gaga over this guy! With his jet black hair, the red speedo and those muscles he totally looks like a real life Superman or Superboy!

Back in February I had posted this image here, but a few days a go I deleted the post. I was feeling down and was in a negative frame of mind. The negative voices in my head had me thinking that I was being "too gay" for having posted it and then gushing over him, just as I've done above. There was even a moment where I considered deleting this entire blog. That's my internalized homophobia at work once again! Not to worry though, this sexy Superman has saved me by helping me to realize that there's no such thing as being "too gay". There's nothing wrong with my finding this guy attractive. He is attractive! I have to just be myself and allow myself to say what I feel, and what I feel is "OMG, this guy is totally hot!!!" I'd also like to say, that if the gorgeous guy who posed for this photo wanted to marry me, I'd happily say yes to that.... and have his children too! :)

Hmmm, was that too much? LOL!!! :)

Okay, skip that. I'll settle for having him come over to my house to drink lemonade while playing some 70's disco tunes and dancing for me in that cute little red speedo! Then I get to give him a bubble bath! I think that's a reasonable compromise.

In any case, here's a very helpful tip for other gay guys out there who agree with me that this guy is potentially the most gorgeous guy on earth. If you're not already at your computer, go there and follow these critically important instructions: save this photo to your computer, find it in your files and put your cursor over the photo, "right click" then select "set as background", choose "yes" and viola! This Cutie Patootie is now pinned to your desktop.  From now on, each time you use your computer you will be transported to a blissful, utopian world! Technology is so remarkable isn't it?

I'd say that you can thank me later but really the thanks should go to the chiseled hottie above who doffed his clothes and got all wet for this fabulous photo shoot! It was a very nice thing for him to do, don't you think? Why yes! So thank you, oh mysterious unnamed hottie with the messy wet hair that I want to run my fingers through, in addition to doing other things which are too numerous to mention but would be a lot of fun and create very, very fond memories... your handsome nakedness has made the world a most happier place indeed! :) Please do continue along this oh so virtuous path, and send me the pics when you're done.

To conclude, I hope that wherever this beautiful guy is in the world, that he is happy and with someone who knows how freekin' lucky they are. I'm just saying!

-Mikey :)