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Being "normal"

When reading about being gay I've often come across the term "normal" to describe being heterosexual as opposed to being gay which is thought of as being, well, not normal. For example, a parent who finds out that their kid is gay may think "I just want my kid to be normal". Quite frankly, the notion that being gay isn't normal is a rather silly way of looking at things. Rest assured, gay folks are indeed "normal". In truth being gay is just as normal as being heterosexual. It may not be as common, but it is indeed normal.

What isn't normal is the reaction to homosexuality in our culture. It's quite ridiculous actually. All of this hullaballoo over what? Think about it. What kind of a culture imposes the ideology that every person must be the same? Or dictates who you are allowed to think is beautiful? Or insists upon how you must feel about the opposite sex under threat of social exile, public shaming, physical harm or worse. What kind of people or culture would treat others in such a manner? Is that "normal"?

To understand what being normal is, think of how many ways the human race is diverse. Think of all the different cultures, languages, skin colours, hair colours, body types, physical abilities, intellectual interests, skill sets, the varieties of food we eat, the smells we like, the places and climates we live in, the housing we use, the vast range of music we create, fashions, art, lifestyles, religions, and on, and on. It's remarkable how people from all around the world can be so diverse from each other. Clearly we are not meant to be identical clones of each other. Nature does not use just one mould to create humanity.

With all of that human diversity, it's quite illogical and even foolish to expect every single person on the planet to be heterosexual!
Of course, there are those who insist that being gay isn't "normal" because of the common belief that there are fewer gay folks than heterosexual folks, and therefor the assumed "norm" is to be heterosexual. Such an argument is inherently flawed as it's based on a numerical statistic derived from "research". The truth of the matter is that there's no way to determine how gay the world's population is or isn't, especially given the social environment towards homosexuality in some countries, including this one! How could it possibly be known if someone is gay if they are too afraid to tell you they are gay, or even to admit to themselves that they are gay? 
Even today in 2017, with all the progress that has been made, there is still to some degree a social, public shaming surrounding the very notion of being gay which understandably prohibits some folks from being open about it. If it's still "cool" to make gay jokes on late night television, or portray gayness as a punch line on TV shows, every gay person who would need to be counted is not going to stand up and say "Ya, that's me! I'm gay!" because they are still being encouraged not to. As such the so called research will always be faulty.
Here is more on the topic of such statistical research:

To be honest, such research always comes across to me as being slanted to present a desired conclusion that is either for or against homosexuality. Some "research" even goes as far as to insist that there are hardly any gay people at all. Not surprisingly, such information is created by those who do not support gay rights in an effort to diminish homosexuals. In my view, being gay is more common than what is widely assumed, but even if it isn't it's still inappropriate and somewhat homophobic to view being gay as anything but normal.
There are millions of people all over the globe for whom being gay is the norm. 
Don't believe me? Then let's do some simple math. If we go along with the common assumption that only one in ten people are gay (which I think is exceptionally understated), what does that really mean? Well, the world has a population of 7.5 billion, so if you divided that by ten it would be 750 million. Which means according to the one in ten theory there are at least 750 million people on earth right now who are gay. 750 million! That's quite a significant number for something that is supposedly not normal. In fact it's more than 20 times the population of Canada (36 million), more than 11 times the population of the United Kingdom (65 million), and more than double the population of the United States (323.1 million)!
But for the sake of argument, lets chop that 750 million number in half in order to humour those who oppose gay rights and believe the "one in ten" number to be too high. So half of 750 million, or one in twenty, would be 375 million! Clearly we're still dealing with the reality that a significant portion of the world's population is gay. So while it may seem that being gay isn't as common as being heterosexual, being gay is still none the less very normal.
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