Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hurray for being gay!

Above is a photo that I found online. I stumbled upon it while on Pinterest and regretfully have no idea who created it, but I do truly love it! I've used this picture elsewhere on this blog too. It's undeniably a very gay picture. A handsome young slim guy in a tiny speedo jumping into the air via an artsy collage of perfectly posed images that show off his body... yep, very gay! :)

This picture, as silly as it is, makes me feel happy and proud to be gay. It also reminds me of my 20s, when I was young and slim like this guy is (as seen above on the title banner for this blog). I used to go for bike rides to the beach where I would change into my speedo and go swimming. Despite being a shy person I was actually brave enough to wear a speedo in public! After I went for a swim, I'd sit on my towel and enjoy the summer day while basking in the sun or reading a book. I felt just as alive and free as the beautiful guy depicted in this picture. Goodness, he certainly is that! Very beautiful!

For me, this image also captures the spirituality of being gay, as though this young guy is letting his true gay self out to shine in the sun, free from social inhibitions or hatred. It's like he's saying "Hey world, I'm gay! Look at me!" while not caring who the heck knows it, which for me is quite a soothing and peaceful message. Being openly gay is a lot easier today than it ever was, but there are still many obstacles and "micro aggressions" to deal with day in and day out. It's still certainly not a walk in the park, or as easy as being heterosexual. Sometimes I get rather blue when I think about the negative messaging that's still out there about being gay, so I've printed a copy of this picture to hang up where I can see it every day. It reminds me not to focus on the negative and instead to focus on the positive aspects of being gay. To let my own light shine, and to always jump in the sun while wearing my speedo, even if it's just in my heart and spirit! :)


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