Cutie Patooties

Isn't it wonderful how many cute, gorgeous guys there are in the world?! :) Isn't it even more wonderful that so many of them like to show off while having their picture taken!!! Some guys like being photographed so much that they take the picture themselves via the cellphone selfie! It's a tad narcissistic, but hey, when you're that attractive who can blame them! Of course there is much more to a guy than just his looks, but let's not kid ourselves. It's quite normal to bask in the beauty of a handsome guy when you're gay, especially if you're single like me! It truly is amazing how strong and/or physically beautiful some guys are.

Sometimes when I stumble across a photo of a beautiful guy online I'm left completely speechless! This stuff isn't online pornography, I'm talking about natural images of beautiful guys just being beautiful, or cute, or handsome, or just showing off their muscular physique. Guys will be guys after all, and sometimes they leave me in awe! :) So this page of my fabulous gay blog presents several photos of these cutie patooties that I've found online. I have no idea if these guys are gay or not, I just admire how beautiful they are. I suspect that you will too! Enjoy! -Mikey :)











OMG! I think his Spidey sense is tingling!
This is such a cute picture! *blush*










I love this picture. What a beautiful guy!

 Too cute!!!






 It's amazing that some guys can be this beautiful!!!! Awesome photography!

 Sooo cute! Look at those puppy eyes!









 Some guys are just born with it!



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