Guys with Long Hair: Part 1


Above: Jackson Rado photographed by Damon Baker
He's so cute I posted more pictures of him on a separate page! :)

I love long hair on guys! Not only does it look cool, but it's also very sexy. I've always, always found long hair on guys to be very attractive. If you've been to my Blog of Awesomeness you likely already noticed that I like guys with long hair. The Crow / Brandon Lee, Axl Rose and Heath Ledger all have awesome long hair. I also like guys with long hair who wear leather jackets as I find this is a really nice look...

...although, this would have been a much nicer photo without the cigarette.
Smoking just isn't cool or sexy in my humble opinion. (It's also kinda stinky!)

As long hair on guys is so awesome, I had to include a page about it on this blog. Below is a gallery featuring photos of handsome long haired dudes! I love these guys, seeing them all here in one place makes me happy! :) I hope it does the same for you! Enjoy! -Mikey

Cool Guys

This guy has perfect hair, I love it!!!


 This is so adorable!!!

Leather Dudes

...see how much nicer he looks without the cigarette! Yet he's still very cool, and a lot sexier!

Cutie Patootie!

Warrior Dudes

Ator the Fighting Eagle (Miles O'Keeffe)

Rocker Dudes

Long hair on guys is simply not a gay thing!
There is a well known myth used to "insult" guys with long hair, claiming that guys with long hair are all gay. If only that were the case I'd be living in a utopian world!!! I'm now in my early 40's and the only gay guy with long hair that I know of is me! (sigh!) As such, I can attest to the fact that there really isn't one iota of merit to the claim that long hair on guys equals "gay". It just isn't so. Frankly, this homophobic nonsense about guys with long hair ignores the fact that guys have had long hair all throughout history since Jesus walked the earth!

Update July 2017: Okay, so at long last I met another gay guy with long hair! I very rarely go to gay bars, but I went out to one with a friend recently. That's where I met another gay guy with long hair. He was a younger guy in his 20's who was generous enough to let this 40 something long hair dude run my fingers through his hair while we talked. My goodness! He'll never know how much that meant to me! God! My whole life I've been longing to run my fingers through a cute guy's long hair! (sigh!) Check that off of my list of things to do before I die! :)

That being said, I managed to find a few extremely rare photos online of gay guys with long hair! Here they are...

Who is this gay long haired dude and where has he been all my life?!

Some people might find the above photo too upsetting, or too "pornographic". Well, I've seen heterosexual love scenes on regular television shows that were a lot worse than this! And I'm not talking about the speciality channels! So if I have to watch heterosexual love scenes on TV, then this photo is fair game on my blog! Peek-a-stinking-boo!

I find the guy on the right is particularly cute! :) So yummy!

These two long hair dudes might not be kissing because they're gay...
...they might just be drunk! :) (Just kidding!)

This was the first image that I ever found of two long hair dudes kissing.
These guys are cool, I like their attitude!

I loooove this picture! This long hair cutie is wearing a shirt that says "Love is Love"
which means that he supports gay relationships. He's soooooo cute too!!! Very adorable!!!
I want to reach into the photo and give him a big bear hug! Such extreme cuteness! :)


Long hair dudes who don't need a shirt!

Hot stuff! This Cutie Patootie is Canadian model Ryan LeBar who hails from Ontario.

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