Male Model Jackson Rado

The Rebel
I really like Jackson Rado's style. He can project the "bad boy" rebel aspect in his photos (which I find makes him quite attractive), but he's also able to show a gentle/vulnerable side too. He just seems very sweet so I kinda went nuts and found all the pictures that I could about him online, and well, now he has his own page on my blog! Silly me! :)

FYI: I have no idea if he is gay or not, I just think he's cute! ...Gosh, if he ever sees this I hope he doesn't mind that I'm crushing on him this way! *blush* Can't help it! Cute guys with long hair are my weakness! (Sigh!) He has since cut his hair very short, but I'm pretending that never happened.

Cutie Patootie! ...I want one!

This is my favourite photo of Jackson Rado, so yummy!

He can't be any sexier! I just melted when I first saw this! LOL :)

Grrr! So tuff!! his messy hair in this pic!

So sweet!

This photo really directs your attention to his... er... pomegranate!



What a gorgeous man! ...What a rebel!
Mikey likes it! ;)

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