Too Adorable: Cute Gay Guys

One of the things that I find so remarkable about the internet and social media is that it has allowed the gay community to have an unprecedented amount of visibility in the main stream. In particular, the abundance of photos showing cute gay couples which are just so insanely adorable you can't help but sigh and smile! I love these pictures! By comparison, on television and in movies such images are almost non existent, as such without the internet these adorable scenes of gay couples would be invisible and lost to the world.

So in order to celebrate these images I thought it would be fun to post some pics of these adorable guys all in one place! These couples are just too cute! Especially as they are truly showing sweet affection for each other, which is just way too adorable not to include on this blog. I love seeing pictures like this! You just can't help feeling the "warm fuzzies" when you see them! Enjoy - Mikey :)













































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